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emmi®-life - Anti Garlic Tablets

emmi®-life - Anti Garlic Tablets

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emmi®-life - Anti Garlic Tablets - 10 pcs.
6 QP
Chewy sweets with fruit flavour

Bad breath makes you lonely - We fight the battle against the garlic and onion smell!

Everyone knows the problem: garlic tastes delicious, but its very strong smell makes you lonely. Because garlic causes bad breath, which most people find extremely unpleasant. The same applies after eating onions.

The emmi®-life Anti Garlic Tablets can combat the unpleasant smell and provide more freshness in the mouth.

emmi®-life Anti Garlic Tablets - Chewy sweets with fruit flavour.

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emmi®-life Anti Garlic Tablets
6 QP
Chewy sweets with fruit flavour - 10 pcs.

Many dishes would be inconceivable without them: garlic and onions give many dishes their special flavour. That's why they can be found in almost every kitchen. Garlic is also considered to be quite healthy. The big catch: the smell of garlic and onion is penetrating. No matter how often you brush your teeth - the smell of garlic cannot be completely eliminated.

We're going to fight the garlic and onion smell!

By taking emmi®-life Anti Garlic Tablets you can ensure more freshness in your mouth. And say bye bye to bad breath.

  • Chew a tablet at the earliest 30 minutes after eating
  • Spread in the mouth for 30 seconds
  • Swallowing
  • The effect occurs after another 30 minutes

By taking the emmi®-life Anti Garlic Tablets kyou can enjoy garlic and onions unhindered in food without being inhibited by a garlic flag afterwards.

The Anti Garlic Tablets are delivered in a beautiful matt silver tin.

emmi®-life Anti Garlic Tablets - Chewy sweets with fruit flavour.
  • 10 emmi®-life Anti Garlic Tablets in a dull-silver box
  • Maltodextrin
  • Dextrose
  • Vegetable rapeseed oil
  • Modified starch
  • Green tea extract
  • Emulsifier (E471, E322, Soy)
  • Acidifier (E330)
  • Dyestuff (E100)
  • Thickener (E407)
  • Natural flavor