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emmi® ultrasoni Starter Pack - Platinum-Pet

emmi® ultrasoni Starter Pack - Platinum-Pet

€310.08 *

emmi® ultrasonic Starter Package - Platinum-Pet

500 QP

emmi® ultrasonic Starter Package Platinum-Pet - For a perfect start with emmi® ultrasonic.

Now with extended scope of delivery: From now on you get 2 emmi®-dent PM2 attachments + 1 Mira-2-Tone - Dyeing Tablet for free with the purchase of this set!

emmi®-dent PM2 attachments can be used for daily normal use as well as for brace holders due to their special shape.

Please note: The only ultrasonic attachments suitable for the emmi® dent Platinum are M2 / M4 / S2 / S4 and PM2.
Article No. 65107 / 65108 / 65110 / 65111 / 65123.

Your perfect Starter Package - Order now!

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Emmi-Club Starter Pack - Platinum-Pet 
500 QP 

emmi-ultrasonic Starter Package Platinum-Pet. For a perfect start with emmi-ultrasonic. 

The ultrasound is generated by the worldwide patented Piezo-Chip in the brush head. Each minute up to 96 million ultrasonic impulses (air oscillations) are directly introduced to the ultrasonic toothpaste. Nano-bubbles clean your teeth thoroughly and take care of your gums without the need of brushing. Beautiful smooth teeth are the result. Bacteria are removed and the oral cavity remains fresh also a long time after cleaning. 

emmi-dent - Clinically tested by the university of Witten-Herdecke - Germany.

Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Peter Gängler - Managing Director of the oral medicine institute at the University of Witten-Herdecke: 
"Unique dental cleaning without any brushing" 
"Removes the biofilms of the tooth plaque certain and thoroughly" 
"Completely prevents the risk of abrasive damage to teeth and roots" 
"Particulary recommended for sensitive teeth" 
"Avoids gum injuries by abrasion-free application" 
"Supports the reduction of gingivitis with regular use" 
"Cleans teeth thoroughly and spares the gums without brushing" 
"No damage to dental enamel" 

"The abrasion-free application excludes damage to the teeth and the gums. Comfortable and silent application in the entire oral cavity."

As usual, for the cleaning of interdental spaces we recommend tools such as dental floss, interdental brushes and also mouth rinsing solutions. 

Please note: The only ultrasonic attachments suitable for the emmi-dent Platinum are emmi-dent M2 / M4 / S2 / S4 and PM2 - Article no. 65107 / 65108 / 65110 / 65111 / 65123. 

Your perfect Starter Pack - Order now!
Content Starter Pack Silver - Platinum-Pet:
1 emmi-dent Platinum Basic Set - Blue
2 emmi-dent PM2 Platinum - Ultrasonic Attachments
1 Mira-2-Tone - Dyeing Tablet for Teeth
1 emmi-pet Basic Set

Content emmi-dent Platinum Basic Set:
1 emmi-dent Platinum Hand Piece
1 emmi-dental Ultrasonic Attachment for Adults
1 emmi 100-240B Charging Station
1 emmi-dent Ultrasonic Toothpaste Fresh - 75ml

Content emmi-pet Basic Set:
1 emmi-pet Hand Piece
1 emmi-pet Ultrasonic Attachment for Animals - Large
1 emmi-pet Ultrasonic Attachment for Animals - Small
1 emmi-pet ZA Ultrasonic Toothpaste for Animals - 75ml
1 emmi-pet 100-240A Charging Station
Ingredients Emmi-dent Fresh
• Water
• Hydrated Silica
• Sorbitol 
• Propylene Glycol
• Tetraprotassium Pyrophosphate 
• Xanthan Gum 
• Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate
• Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil – Aroma
• Sodium Fluoride
• CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide) 
• Sodium Saccharin 
• Allantoin
• Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract – Aroma
• Salvia Triloba Leaf Extract – Aroma
• Sodium Methylparaben  

Emmi-dent Fresh contains no gluten, nano materials or micro plastic.

AROMA-percentage: > 1% < 5% / FLUORIDE: < 0,1% / MENTHA ARVENSIS LEAF OIL: > 1% < 5%

Ingredients Emmi-pet ZA Ultrasound Toothpaste for Animals
• Water
• Hydrated Silica 
• Sorbitol
• Glycerin 
• Disodium Pyrophosphate
• CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide)
• Sodium Saccharin
• Sodium Methylparaben
• Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate
• Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate 
• Xanthan Gum
• Aroma

Contains no fluoride, gluten, nano materials and micro plastic.

AROMA-percentage: > 0,1% - < 1%
emmi®-pet – INTERVIEW

Interview  with Mrs. Dr. Isabella Kühn, Veterinary Dental Service, Neufahrn - Gremany

Mrs. Dr. Kühn…

  1. For which dogs is the ultrasonic toothbrush by emmi®-pet suitablet?
    The ultrasonic toothbrush is suitable for dogs of all ages and races. There are no restrictions here.

  2. From which dog age can I use emmi®-pet?
    There is nothing wrong with using emmi®-pet immediately after tooth replacement. Rather, it brings benefit: the dog is used to the appplication at a yount age and the building of tartar is slowed down, in some cases even avoided.

  3. Does emmi®-pet attack the tooth structure of my dog?
    The applied gentle ultrasound cleans the dog's teeth very gently and does not attack the tooth structure of the dog.

  4. Why is the use of emmi®-pet in addition to professional scaling at the vet recommended?
    And how often should the emmi®-pet be used (daily, weekly, monthly)?

    The device supports the daily dental care of dog dentures in that it ensures that the forming plaque is removed ragularly and gently. The frequency of use should be agreed in consultation with the attending veterinarian and depends on the predisposion of the dog to plaque formation. 

    In general, I recommend dog owners to use the emmi®-pet 1-2 times a wwk for the complete dentition. Some dog owners take only individual parts of the denture per application and therefore use the ultrasonic toothbrush, of course, more often. Depending on the predisposition, the teeth of small dogs may need to be cleaned daily. The focus should then be on problem areas such as incisors, canines or molars. 

    It should be noted that in spite of the emmi®-pet application, the dog owner cannot reach all areas of the dog's dentition equally well. So i t behaves also with us humans and we go despite daily tooth cleaning regularly for the prophylaxis with the dentist.

    In my estimation, the use of the ultrasonic toothbrush increases awareness of the problem of dog denture in dog owners, and it becomes clear that early action can prevent pain and long-term problems.

  5. How do I get my dog used to emmi®-pet?
    Dogs react differently to the application of the noiseless und vibrationless ultrasonic toothbrush. The habit of direct conditioning with positive enhancers such as treats usually shows quick successes. In this way, the dog owners teach their pet in small increments and with much praise to keep still while using emmi®-pet.

  6. Should emmi®-pet be used as prophylaxis on a daily basis, or can even existing tartar be removed with the ultrasonic toothbrush?
    I recommend the use of the devices as a prophylaxis to reduce the formation of a dental plaque and to keep the dog denture healthy. 

  7. Which deseases can be prevented by the regular use of the ultrasonic toothbrush?
    Basically, all deseases of the preriodontium (gingivitis, periodontitis) are caused by bacteria in the plaque. By the regular removal of the plaque e.g. with the ultrasonic toothbrush, the probability of the dog to suffer from gingivitis ins significantly reduced. However there are also animals taht due to their genetic predisposition nevertheless very quickly accumulate tartar and develop periodontitis. Here I always recommend the consultation with the attending vet.
  1. What experience have you had so far with emmi®-pet?
    In my experience, the ultrasonic toothbrust is very well suited for prophylaxis. In my practide, I have a few dog owners who can cope well with the application on their dog's teeth and thus significantly reduce the formation of tartar. However, I often meet dog owners who have problems using the ultrasound toothbrush. However, these are due to the fact that the dogs are reluctant to use the application. So the device cannot really be used properly. Therefore, it is important to set up time and rest for the habituation phase and to praise the dog in every successful attempt to use the  ultrasonic toothbrush, and praise, for example to reward with a treat.

    I have already recieved phone calls from dog owners who have bought emmi®-pet to rremove the tartar in their own home, and the application did not work out right away, as hoped. Often this is due to the fact that the animal had probably already developed a painful periodontitis and the touch of the gums let to pain.

    My advice to all dog owners: Have your dog's teeth first restored by your veterinarian. Thus, all problem areas are expertly eliminated, your dog is painless and the application of emmi®-pet is, after a suitable phase, nothing in the way. 

About Dr. Isabella Kühn:

Dr. Isabella Kühn is a PhD veterinay and a pioneer in animal dentistry with more than 30 years of professional experience in this specialist field. In 1985 she was one of the vererinatians in Germany devoted exclusively to the health of dogs and cats. In her specialization, she has been awarded both national ("Additional Dentistry") and international ("Fellow of the Academy of Dentistry (USA)" and "Diplomate of the European Veterinary Dental College (EVDC) and is a highly questioned speaker at home and abroad in this field.
emmi®-pet – Interview

Interview with Dr. Dagmar Brunner, Veterinarian, Bechofen, Germany 

Dr. vet. Brunner… 

  1. For which dogs is the ultrasonic toothbrush by emmi®-pet suitable?
    The ultrasonic toothbrush is suitable for every dog. No matter if small or big, young or old.
  2. For which dog age can I use emmi®-pet?
    I recommend using the emmi®-pet after the change of teeth of very young dogs. Because especially in this phase, the dogs suffer now and then from pain and the gums are inflamed during the change. The ultrasound toothbrush can relieve the pain and thus facilitate the change of the teeth. In addition, the dog is accustomed to the use of the brush already at a young age.
  3. Does emmi®-pet attack the tooth structure of my dog?
    The tooth structure is under no circumstances attacked by the gentle unltrasound of the brush. Rather, it prevents bacteria from settling in the gums. Thus, the gentle ultrasound prevents the dog's gums from becoming painfully inflamed.
  4. Why is the use of emmi®-pet in addition to professional scaling at the vet recommended?
    And how often should the emmi®-pet be used (daily, weekly, monthly)?

    Regular use of emmi®-pet prevents new tartar infestation. Thus painful inflammations of the gums are reduced and existing inflammations are healed by using the ultrasonic toothbrush. The gums are strengthend and stay healthy.

    The frequency of using emmi®-pet depends on the condition of the dog's gums and teeth. With daily use of the ultrasonic toothbrush, only parts of the dentition can be sounded, because especially on the fangs forms tartar very quickly. For a weekly treatment, I recommend cleaning the complete dentition.
  5. How do I get my dog used to emmi®-pet?
    It is really easy, because emmi®-pet is completely silent and does not vibrate. With a bit of practice and a few treats, applying positive contitioning to most of the dogs works fast and well.

    The brush is placed on a tooth for six seconds before the position is changed. A treat and a few words of praise in between and the dog quickly gets used to the use of the ultrasonic toothbrush. Many of my four-legged patients have quickly come to understand that the treatment is helpful and relieves their pain. 

  6. Should emmi®-pet be used as prophylaxis on a daily basis, or can even existing tartar be removed with the ultraonic toothbrush?
    The ultrasonic toothbrush can be used daily but it does not have to. Because ultimately, it denpends on the conditioning of the teeth of your dog. As a rule, smaller races are much more susceptible to tartar formation than larger sprecimens.

    With  emmi®-pet even existing tartar can be easily removed. Of course, the lower the tartar infestation, the easier and faster the tartar can be removed. Therefore, I advocate using the ultrasonic toothbrush strengthes the gums and thus ensures  healthy teeth. 

  7. Which deseases can be prevented by the regular use of the ultrasonic toothbrush? 
    With regular use, gigivitis can be prevented as well as tartar formation. The ultrasonic toothbrush strengthens the gums and thus ensures healthy teeth. 

  8. What experience have you had so far with emmi®-pet?
    I have only had the best experienced with the ultrasonic toothbrush and have been recommending it to a large number of my clients over and over again. In my practise I use emmi®-pet on a regular basis, even if I have to put dogs under anesthesia because of severe gingivitis, the ultrasonic toothbrush is often the method of choice. In contrast to conventional instruments, the tartar can be removed easily and quickly with emmi®-pet, the ultrasound removes the bacteria, which only lead to the painfu inflammation and the inflamed gums are quickly regenerated by the gentle ultrasound.

    For me, there is no gentler and more efffective method than the ultras onic toothbrush. That's why I like to give emmi®-pet dog owners a hand to spare their four-foot partners unnessary anesthesia. I too have my ultrasonic brush for humans and I am thrilled. And what makes me feel good, can only be the best for my four-legged friends.

About Dr. Dagmar Brunner:

Dr. Dagmar Brunner holds a PhD in veterinary medicine (LMU Munich) and has been working in her own practice since 1985. After further education and training her specialties are homeopathy, acupunturest and alternative veterinary medicine (holistic medicine). In 1994, she sucessfully completed the training as an animal kinesiologist with an addtional sensivity training.