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emmi®-skin Anti-Aging Hyaluron Serum - 15ml

emmi®-skin Anti-Aging Hyaluron Serum - 15ml

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emmi®-skin Anti-Aging Hyaluron Serum - 15ml
60 QP

You have small or deeper wrinkles on your face and are looking for a good anti-aging care?

The skin is exposed to stress every day and not only a wrong way of life can leave its mark.
The same applies to harmful environmental influences or too high a degree of solar radiation.
The skin becomes brittle, loses its elasticity and first wrinkles appear.

Hyaluronic acid is the substance that provides sufficient moisture in the skin and can supply the cells with water.
The more hyaluronic acid in your skin, the more elastic it becomes.

The emmi®-skin Anti-Aging - Hyaluron Serum with 5 additional active complexes (panthenol, aloe vera, allantoin, milk protein and sorbitol) replenishes the skin's moisture deposits immediately.The serum is absorbed quickly into the skin and immediately leaves your facial skin looking firmer and fresher.

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Exclusive skin care for your face.

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emmi®-skin Anti-Aging Hyaluron Serum - 15ml
60 QP

Who does not want a fresh, glowing apperiance that has little wrinkles and no redness?

The emmi®-skin Anti-Aging Hyaluron Serum represents a special and effective form of anit-aging care and all without a lot of time. A few drops in the morning and evening are usually sufficient to fully exploit the effects of the serum.

As you grow older, hyaluron breaks down faster in the body and the production of the substance also decreases. Already from the age of 20 years, the hyaluron production subsides and it should be considered about a change in the daily care. The daily use of hyaluronic acid ensures that the depots in the body can be replenished and the moisture balance adjusted accordingly. Hyaluronic acid is broken down in the body after a short time, so a daily intake from the outside is necessary. Hyaluron is an important body building block in the human body and you can restore your skin to a youthful, fresh appearance with a Hyaluron Serum.

The emmi®-skin Anti-Aging Hyaluron Serum plus 5 active additional complexes (Panthenol, Aloe Vera, Allantoin Milk Protein and Sorbitol) will restore your skin's moisture reserves. The serum is absorbed quickly into the skin and immediately leaves your facial skin looking firmer and fresher for a longer time.

Exclusive skin care for your face!

Clean facial surface, open bottle - Remove pipette with some anti-aging Hyaluron Serum and apply approx. 3 drops on the back of your hand. Then gently massaging in on the desired areas of the skin with your index finger or middle finger in circular motions. After 1-2 minutes apply further facial care. Optimal care and anti-aging effects are achieved by combining with our emmi®-skin cream gels. We recommend a 2 times daily application eg morning and evening.

For a long-lasting effect to reduce even deep wrinkles, the anti-aging Hyaluron Serum 3 months should be used.


15 ml - with 2 times daily application and removal of approx. 3-4 droplets sufficient for at least 30 days.

Treatment with the emmi®-skin INTENSE is also possible and even recommended to achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

Ultrasonic treatment for face, neck, décolleté, eyes or hands. The first dermatological-aesthetic therapy system that transports anti-aging active ingredients non-invasively to the deepest layers of the skin.

The ultrasound treatment refreshes your skin with the help of a pleasant massage effect and transports the administered substances into the deepest skin areas. The treatment is used as a regular anti-aging care - which should start already from the age of 25 years. Because even in the field of beauty is the old adage: Caution is better than forbearance. Preventing wrinkles and sagging is much easier than "healing" afterwards.

emmi®-skin Anti-Aging Hyaluron Serum.

1x emmi®-skin Anti-Aging Hyaluron Serum - 15ml
Ingredients emmi®-skin Anti-Aging Hyaluron Serum
• Aqua ( Water ) 
• Glycerin 
• Propylene Glycol 
• Aloe Barbadensis Gel 
• Sorbitol 
• Panthenol 
• Sodium PCA 
• Sodium Lactate 
• Phenoxyethanol 
• lmidazolidinyl Urea 
• Phenethyl Alcohol 
• Methylparaben Allantoin 
• Sodium Hyaluronate 
• Milk Protein 
• Benzyl Alcohol 
• Potassium Sorbate 
• Sodium Benzoate 
• Sodium 
• Dehydroacetate 
• Dehydroacetic Acid 
• Acetyl Hexapeptide-8